Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 24

Corn: I've been eating bits here and there and have not continued to notice any side effects.

Sunflower Seeds: I've just begun using sunflower oil in cooking again, as well as soy-free butter containing sunflower derivatives. Still need to try the actual seeds or butter though. No noticeable reactions thus far.

Yeast: I've stayed away from baker's yeast, but am enjoying nutritional yeast on my food with no problems. Though I did just read that grape juice contains yeast, hmm. As does wine. These are different types of yeast than in bread though, I'll have to research this further.

Garlic: I did not begin officially phasing this back in, but twice "snuck" some garlic powder or dried garlic and twice had awful reactions. The first time was a bit of garlic powder mixed into an organic mashed potato mix (gluten and dairy free) and afterwards I felt nauseaous for that night and the next day. The second time I actually threw up hours later and felt sick for two days afterwards. The smell just from cooking it is enough to make me ill just remembering!

Onions: Though onions were not one the original avoidance list, I don't normally eat v. many, as I've long suspected a connection to eating onions and having a hay fever like reaction. It turns out, they still do just that. Perhaps once my system is better healed I will be able to enjoy garlic and onions, but right now, the bad FAR outweighs the good.

Foods I Will Continue to Avoid:

Already Intolerant to:

Don't Like:

Foods to Still Phase Back In:
-Brazil Nuts
-Chili Peppers