Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 38

I was pretty worried about traveling this w/e while still on an Elimination Diet, but it all went quite well. I did, however, have a little help from Enzymedica. I've sworn by their Gluten Ease digestive enzymes for aiding in the digestion of gluten and dairy when slip ups occur during travel (despite great care to avoid them, they do happen when dining out).

But two weeks ago, after having some garlic and onions in my meal while dining out, about an hour later I was feeling VERY ill. I rushed to Green Life Grocery for some Gluten Ease just hoping it might help my system usher the offenders along. Though once there, I noticed a bottle of Digest Gold PLUS Probiotics which are known to help the digestive system heal.

I compared the ingredient lists and since the Digest Gold did have the Gluten Ease enzymes in it, along with many others, I though I'd give it a shot. Well, I am SOO pleased with the results. When I take the Digest Gold with each meal I never feel ill afterwards, AND--now this part really amazes me--I just spent the weekend covered in tree pollen and my usual seasonal allergies are nowhere to be found! So I don't know if maybe it never was the pollen, and just the onions all along causing my ridiculously runny nose, or if my system is so much less reactive on the Digest Gold that my allergies are being kept at bay, but either way, THANK YOU Enzymedica.

I know this totally sounds funny to be recommending one company so strongly, but I have tried competitor's versions of the Gluten Ease, and I have been disappointed. That, and I'm just so excited to feel so much better!

As for the foods, here's the latest.

Already Intolerant to:

Don't Like:

Foods to Still Phase Back In:
-Brazil Nuts
-Chili Peppers

Foods I Seem Okay With:
-Sunflower Seeds

Foods I Do Not Do Well With:

I suppose the next food I will phase in is Soy.

And by the way, in an effort to really get in shape for summer, I've also decided to cut carbs. This sounds crazy, I know. What can I eat?? But I do want to get in shape and diet and exercise are what I'm focusing on.

I made some low carb "bran muffins" I found a recipe for this morning for breakfast---ick! They're not very good, but maybe I'll get used to them.

I also took Waylon (dog) on a long walk this morning before eating to jump start my metabolism.

For lunch, I'm planning to make chili.