Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wine Contains Casein?

For months I have been trying to figure out why sometimes I feel so much better than others. I've suspected that I am getting "glutened" or even "caseined." But how?

Who'd have thought I could be getting "caseined" from wine?!

I am not even certain how I first came to realized that wine is sometimes fined with casein, but in the course of me research, I found this helpful article: Is Your Wine Fined?

Looking over my diet, it made perfect sense. But how am I to know which wines are safe? Look for vegan wines. Wines labeled "vegan" (not vegetarian) contain NO animal products/byproducts.

Unfortunately, finding vegan wine is not as easy as it sounds--even at Whole Foods. Some stores have begun labeling vegan products, but others do not. I did however fine this incredibly helpful resource: Barnivore's Vegan Wine List.