Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Shape Up 2011

LOL, it is actually a bit funny when I think about it. You see all snowy Winter long I stuck quite loyally to a lower-carb version of my gluten and dairy free diet. So in the cold, layering months my body was pretty much beach-ready.

But somewhere around March I fell off and away from the horse. Darn it. While much of America was heading to the gym to get in shape for Summer, I was eating more empty carbs and getting out of shape.

And you know how that can feel. It can just feel hopeless to re-lose those last 5-10 lbs. Fortunately for me, I know what my body doesn't like, and that's carb-based foods like sugary desserts, corn-derived foods, chips and cereals.

So last week I made the commitment, and back onto the wagon of eating only healthier carbs, like bean and nut based foods. Of course, this is while still being gluten and dairy free, though DOH! I do think it'd be a whole lot easier if I could still eat real cheese (sad face).

Well the great news is that I'm seeing results REALLY fast!

Actually, the very first day I was seeing some results, but not in weight loss really. Now this is just me personally, so I'm not recommending that it will work for you, but in the first day of eating a largely protein and vegetable based gluten/dairy free diet I actually went to the bathroom much more than I had been doing in a day. It was as if my body had been having trouble digesting some of those starchy foods I was eating and by not adding any more by eliminating them from my diet, my body was more able to process what I was eating.

So yes! Talk about motivation! After just the first day, though I felt somewhat sluggish, I already FELT thinner b/c I was far less bloated, b/c my body was having a much easier time digesting the lower carb foods. Yay!

I'm just a few days into it so far, and it's not a perfect battle--yesterday I felt my tummy was flat and bikini ready, but today maybe not as much so. But still, it's WAY better!

So what have I been eating then?

-Splash of Kombucha first thing
-About 3 Breakfast Sausages by Al Fresco or AppleGate Farms
-With 1 Bready Square derived from this gluten-free, low carb recipe I relied on last Summer (but altered as such: double salt and use Celtic, half xanthan, Barney Almond Butter instead of almonds, just 5 packs of NuStevia and no pecans) This is esp. good if I toast it with EarthBalance Buttery Spread in the cast iron with the sausage.
-With Stash's Chai Green Tea

-Bready Square or
-or Pumpkin Seeds
-or Applegate Farms cold cuts

-Adzuki or Pinto Beans w/ chicken or beef added

-Same as above

-Meatsauce or
-AppleGate Farms Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets with vegetables or
-Oven Fried Chicken
-With red vegan/gluten-free wine or a low-carb margarita**

*I've been doing some research lately and found out that wheat paste is used in the barrels of some wines. Usually French wines, but it can happen anywhere. I've been drinking red wine lately and as long as I stick with vegan (i.e. casein free wines) I do not have my previous bad reactions. The wines I usu. buy that are casein and gluten free are Castle Rock's Pinot Noir (nice, kind of cigar smelling), any red by Yellow Tail and any red by FishEye. Wines that are more often made w/ gluten in the barrels are Sauvignon Blanc.

**For easy lower carb margaritas I do the following:
-2 shots silver tequila (I buy Sauza, but prefer Hornitos when I'm spending more)
-4 shots cold water
-1 3/4 shots organic lemon juice (I like Lakewood or SantaCruz bottled lemon juice b/c there's no sulfites or chemicals in there like most brands of lemon juice)
-3-4 drops good orange extract (look for this at the natural groceries like WholeFoods, try to avoid the cheaper kind from McCormick)
-1/2 to 1 tea. of agave syrup (or use NuStevia to taste, but agave is better, and w/ so little in there, not much carbs)
-Celtic Salt to taste (I like about 5 shakes from a Celtic Sea Salt Shaker)

I mix all of the above in a cocktail shaker, gently shake it up (too intensely will cause bubbling), then pour over ice. Then I just place the shaker in the fridge to refresh our drinks as needed.

I heard that using lemon juice instead of lime juice makes it less acidic. And I have noticed that seems to be true.

Now, if I'm going to continue on my lower-carb path, I'd better get to the grocery to pick up some more of these foods!

Food Diary for Monday:
-Shot of Kombucha
-3 Al Fresco Chicken Apple Sausages toasted in EarthBalance on cast iron
-1 Bready Square
-Stash Chai Green Tea

-1 Bready Square

-AppleGate Farms deli chicken toasted on cast iron, topped w/ pizza sauce and Daiya (vegan cheese) I call it Deli Chicken Parmesan--I really need to get to the grocery!

After Grocery Trip:

-Couple of Bites of Salhale Valdosta, but seemed too sugary, so stopped
-Beanitos Black Bean Chips

-Oven Fried Chicken (battered in garfava, added EarthBalance)
-w/ Crushed Tomatoes w/ Basil poured over it

-Low Carb Margaritas (2)