Friday, May 29, 2009

Lecithin/Egg-Free, the Way for Me?

Well, I must be onto something.

I'm ruling out placebo effect since when Dr. Vikki mentioned that I could have a starch or fat sensitivity, I hopped on board. Wasn't starch, and going low carb--yet again--was not fun. I did, however, expect to see startling results since pre-gluten/dairy free I always lost weight on low carb diets. But alas, no mas.

And then low fat was more fun than low starch, but still, no progress.

It's been just two and a half days now, but I've got to say, I do believe that whatever is plaguing me may very well be processing out of my body, and leaving me the healthier/happier for it. Today my waist measurements were improved slightly and my energy, attitude and outlook has been just amazingly better.

I was even hyper this morning, wow! I have not been hyper in . . . too long!

So then, is it eggs, or lecithin (which would include eggs)? I'm not sure yet, but in the meantime I have no problem avoiding the suspicious foods considering how much better I feel!

I even spent half the day mixing up a delish, allergy-free cookie recipe for Waylon--which he liked, very, very much!

@ waist 28.9"
2" below belly button 31.6"