Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 Day Update

The great news is that:
  • I'm down from 116 to 110 lbs. which is AWESOME!
  • My energy is also more consistent.
  • And I don't feel so bloated from the carbs or so guilty!
Since starting to eat a lower/healthy carb diet again, I've also been trying to go on a longer dog walk almost every day. And I've thrown in a few crunches here and there. Oh, and though I don't usually do "cheat days," I did do one on Sunday, which was pretty insane!!

I'd say that the biggest challenge at this point is just trying to come up with dinners that we're not tired of. So here's my latest concoction:

  • Take 1 package of gluten/dairy free chicken sausage (I use organic or all natural)
  • Grind this up in a food processor and set aside
  • Beat 3 eggs
  • Add 1/4 cup or more of Daiya cheese
  • Add 3 TB garfava flour
  • Mix in the ground sausage
  • Pack into small, greased muffin tins
  • Bake at 350 for 25 min, with 5 min. at 400 at the end
It is the yumminess! And I've done it using Spicy Jalapeno sausage w/ chilli beans on the side, or with Sundried Tomato sausage with red sauce over it!