Monday, March 1, 2010

Food Allergy Elim. Diet Day 1

This week I embark upon yet another food allergy adventure! Yes, I am making another valiant effort to maintain a modified food allergy elimination diet in hopes of uncovering any lingering intolerances I might have formerly missed.

Last night I too some waistline measurements and confirmed what I have been suspecting, which is that despite my yoga and dog walks, and even cutting out alcohol, the bloat is back.

The measurement I gave in the past were taken after my initial elimination diet, after my weight had already dropped from the 118-120 range to the 109-110 range. So a couple of weeks ago I was quite startled to find my weight back up, and my waistline as well.

This morning was a little hairy, as I hadn't been to the store and was stuck all morning with only Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips and green tea to hold me over. Fortunately, I did make it to the grocery later on, and by tonight my meals may once again resemble actual meals:

EnjoyLife chocolate chips (condiment serving)
Twinnings Jasmine Green Tea

Rice Chex
w/ Whole Flax Seeds
w/ Chockies
w/ Organic Welch's Grape Juice and Sparkling Water

Med. Grain W. Rice Cooked w/ Water and Coconut Oil
Spinach (frozen) Cooked in Olive Oil w/ Onion Powder, Salt, Nutritional Yeast (messed up on the yeast, oops!) with a Few Black Beans Cooked in Water

Chicken in Rice Flour, Red Pepper and Salt w/ Diced Tomatoes and Sauteed Mushrooms
Over Med. Grain W. Rice w/ Sauteed Spinach

1 Shot Vodka w/2 of Grape Juice w/ 2 of Sparkling Water

Choc Cookies

Measurements: 118.6 31/33